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Optimizing your Google Shopping Campaign is necessary in order to improve your online store’s traffic numbers. Optimizing your data feed for Google Shopping Ads can be done in many ways. In this article, we go over 14 Google Shopping Campaign optimization tips that you should try in order to generate more profit.

The vast majority of search engine based shopping is done on Google, which obviously means you should make sure that Google Shopping Campaigns are your priority for advertising your products. When setting up your Google Shopping Campaign, it’s is very important to consider several factors. Here are the top 14 Google Shopping Campaign tips that you should try in order to generate larger profits while spending less.

google shopping campaign tips


Avoid irrelevant keywords

Don’t pay for keywords that are not quite relevant to what you are selling. These keywords dilute the quality of the traffic you get for your budget. Focus on the right keywords that are relevant to your campaign.

Trust the reliability of Google Shopping

Remember, Google Shopping Campaigns are a reliable tool for driving potential customers towards your products. Whether you have a small or large budget, if you know how to utilize this too, you can expect higher conversion rates.

Determine the top 10% of your products

Try to determine a 10% slice of your products that gather the most revenue, then optimize your campaign for these products. This will drive you higher in the rankings.

Work on your data feed

You need to make sure that your titles are correctly optimized as well as the description and product details. Data feeds can often feel tacky but a correctly optimized version will serve as a strong foundation to your Google Shopping Campaign.

Use the 16x-32x ROAS

If you wish to receive high returns then you should re-market, targeting your customer matched audiences with Google Shopping in the range of 16x-32x only. This is ideal if you need to stick within a budget, you don’t have to spend a lot to generate high returns.

Don’t be intimidated

There is no need for you to be intimidated by Google’s Shopping Campaigns, your own native store is your passion. If you want to gather customers from various channels then you should consider spending more time on your campaign, you can reach a far wider audience.

15 Quick Tips


Keep optimizing your feed

Make sure you optimize your feed regularly, incorrect information can drive potential customers away. There are some revision tools that you can use in order to make sure that your ROAS is effective.

Utilize images

As much as possible, use images in order to stand out in the crowd. It is advised that you take effective SEO practices into consideration, you’ll have an edge against your competitors this way.

Utilize the algorithm

It is important that you know how SEO works as well as the proper utilization of the Google Shopping Campaigns platform. If you can understand the algorithm then you can utilize it to develop a more successful strategy.

Make good use of the character limits

If you can, we suggest that you stay within the 5,000 character limit while writing your product descriptions. You should also utilize custom labels and keywords in order to improve your SEO.

Provide well-written content

It is very important that you provide well-written content, this is a vital aspect in driving your campaign rankings. For the content to be effective, you should make sure to include all important details of your products, as well as accurate keywords.

Provide more products

Add more products to your feed so that Google will pick it up far quicker, this will help you reach your target customers. For those who have fewer products, try joining single ad groups instead.

Gather traffic into your feed

Place your products into the Google local inventory, this will promote and drive traffic to your feed.

Consult Business Professionals

Make use of existing resources, they are proven to work and can offer specific advice. For more information regarding your Google campaign, visit our article, Overtaking the Competition With Google Trusted Stores.