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Getting the Most out of Your Marketing Strategies with Cake (!

Published 30 June 2017 |

Cake integration is one of the best ways to boost your sales. Cake works for multi-channel marketing campaigns which includes advertiser performance tracking, maximizing lead distribution ROI and offers the best network performance tracking.

Scaling up the two best advertising platforms – Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords

Published 15 March 2017 |

Advertising is the best way to take the lead in the competitive market. Facebook ads and Google Adwords are both strong and competitive platforms to get properly highlighted. Where Facebook PPC campaign costs less, Google Adwords charges a great deal.

How to Use Psychology and Sales Triggers to Double Your Conversion Rates

Published 13 January 2017 |

Psychology and sales trigger have attributed too much in the world of business, especially when it comes to attracting customers and heavy traffic into your website. That is why it is important that aside from offering high-quality products and services, you should also know how to execute different psychological tricks and sales triggers.

Overtaking the Competition With Google Trusted Stores : A Few Advantages to Know

Published 06 December 2016 |

One great way to establish e-commerce credibility in the online world is by getting a Google Trusted Stores badge. Having this badge boosts your business by showing your customers that you are backed up with a Google recommendation, which helps in generating more transactions from current and future customers who will take Google’s word for it.

Improving Your Stores Google Ranking

Published 08 November 2016 |

Improving your stores google rankings today with these helpful tips. We have grouped together 9 of the most effective ways that will increase your store’s SEO ranks and ultimately lead to higher search engine rankings in google. Improving your stores ranking with google can lead to huge company success and popularity on the web.

Keep Your Website Protected With These Security Tips

Published 07 September 2016 |

Website protection has never been more important. You will find that the websites that are prone to hacking are not always only popular sites. Amping up security and being very rigorous about your safety measures really is the only way to ensure that you are as safe from hackers as possible.

Affiliate Channel Tracking Tools and Stats: Are You Hitting the Right Targets?

Published 23 August 2016 |

The best way to know whether your affiliate channel measures up is by the use of KPIs. Key performance indicators allow you to focus on specific aspects of your business to determine if they are high enough to be called successful. However, not all KPIs are the same – and not all of them will be applicable at all stages of your brand’s life.

How to Recruit and Engage With Small Affiliates: A Complete Guide

Published 03 August 2016 |

Getting small affiliates to become part of your fold is doable when you know the right strategies to find the right ones. There are five, to be exact – identifying which ones are relevant to your needs, selecting the emerging ones from a pool of prospects, determining the strategy which is to be implemented, and finally reaching out to them and monitoring their performance.

Social Commerce Strategies: How to Cash in

Published 01 July 2016 |

Everyone knows that e-commerce is here to stay, but what many businesses ought to be investing in right now is social commerce. Done right, social commerce can reap even bigger success for your business. What a business owner needs to know are the right tips that will allow him to capitalize on it apart from just having a mere presence on social media.

Ad Blocking: Implications and Strategies for Digital Advertisers

Published 11 June 2016 |

The advent of ad blocking has made many digital advertisers uneasy about their future. After all, how do you topple down the very thing that puts a wall between you and consumers? The best solution is not to break it down, but rather to find different ways of climbing over or around that wall.