Know Why Laravel is Considered the Best PHP Framework

Laravel is a PHP mvc framework that speeds up the development process with its elegant and simple syntax pattern, database migration and schema builder tools, simple and secure authentication mechanism, and many more. This is what makes Laravel the best PHP framework.

It has been 6 years after the initial release of Laravel, and since then it has taken the web-world by storm. PHP is a language quite dynamic in itself and with the help of Laravel, it has become powerful and simpler. There are 14 versions of Laravel already available and the latest version 5.5, has been released in August 2017.

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Discover Top 10 Benefits of Laravel framework

Although Laravel is just 6 years old in the market, it has brought many advancements to the PHP community. With every new version updates, it is disclosing new innovative features to the developers, making their tasks much easier. It also takes care of the security issues. Laravel was made to strengthen security, speed up database migration without data loss, and make the entire process of creating a web application a much easier process.

Here are the top 10 benefits of using Laravel framework.

Clean Documentation and MVC Support

The documentation of Laravel is clean, organised and easily understandable. The Model View Controller architecture is supported in Laravel and it helps in bringing a variety of built-in function to select from a better development architecture.

Composer Feature

Laravel uses composer dependency manager for the installation and upgradations of different third-party packages. This feature allows developers to easily manage all the required dependencies instantly. This is very useful for any developers to create applications of any sizes.

Quick Pointer: What you should know about the Composer Tool

The composer does not manage packages, but only handles it. In fact, it allows a developer to manage the packages. The purpose of this tool is not to act as a package manager, but as a dependency manager that helps to declare, install, uninstall, or update the library dependencies. These are the small things that make Laravel the best PHP framework.

Internal Templates

Laravel uses Blade, a lightweight yet powerful templating engine which is pre-installed in it. The blade templates are compiled into plain PHP and cached for optimal performance.

Object Oriented Libraries

Laravel is the only framework that includes a variety of pre-installed libraries. The most popular and useful library of Laravel is the Authentication library. This library has very advanced features for login and database securities.

What are the best authentication features in Laravel’s Authentication Library?

Some of the main features include routing, HTTP authentication, user authentication, and login throttling.

How many Libraries does Laravel Include?

Laravel has over 20 high-level libraries pre-installed.

Artisan Included

It’s a CLI included with Laravel that helps us with a wide set of commands. These commands help us to either make a controller, model, service providers etc. or migrate the database, produce test data using tinker etc. We can view the entire list by typing “php artisan list”. Also, we can create our own command using “php artisan make:command MyCommandExample”.

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Database Migrations.

While using Laravel there is no need of database replication for every changes that is being made. Therefore, with no replication needed, a developer cannot logically lose any data. This is how Laravel has made the database migration step just a bit faster and secure. Laravel uses a smart Bcrypt algorithm for encrypting database passwords which eventually makes it the best php framework.

Faster Caching.

With a variety of tools supported, Laravel provides a faster solution to web caching. By using certain pre-built support already available in Laravel for applications like Memcached and Redis, memory caching speed up immensely.

Direct Testing.

Making life just a bit easier for programmers, Laravel has considered the usual mistakes that can happen while programming. The unit testing tool ensures that any new updates made on the application, won’t break it. This saves development time, project money, and personal stress. Direct database testing is one of the best time-saving tools included in Laravel.

Laravel Scout.

This is a unique tool of Laravel that allows a full-text search on all Eloquent ORM modules.

Dynamic Use.

Laravel allows the developers to create small as well as huge applications. This makes Laravel a great and stable framework for any developer working on any size of project. Laravel offers a secure API building structure that can promote building the Hybrid Applications. That is to say you can easily create web and hybrid applications using Laravel’s API feature.

There are several Laravel framework benefits that makes it one of the most affable PHP frameworks. It has done an amazing job by providing all the essential features that developer require for creating web applications, backend database work, and authentication issues. As analyzed above, PHP is known for its ability to integrate with many databases and is a very dynamic language. It has increased the security and productivity at the same time, making Laravel the best PHP framework.

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