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Online marketing is rapidly evolving. Every year there’s new software, hardware, and new users. For a successful online marketing strategy, you need to stay up to date on the latest digital marketing trends. Want to know what’s happening in 2016? Read on.

digital marketing trends

Trend 1: The Continuing Rise of Video Ads

New data shows that video advertising has a significantly greater reach than other visual formats. It’s particularly effective with younger audiences, who want short, easily-digestible content that requires less input on their part. With critical platforms like Facebook offering video ad support, it’s about time you made the jump.

Trend 2: New Strides in Wearable Tech

Smart watches gained a steady footing last year, and it is obvious they are here to stay. You can expect better versions this year and should ramp up your digital marketing strategies to account for this and accommodate real marketing (and not just online marketing).

Trend 3: App Indexing = App Boom

2016 is the year where more and more brands will recognize the advantages of digital marketing trends and create a dedicated app for their business. The ranking possibilities are just too good, and having a site that is optimized for the mobile platform won’t be enough. Having an app gives you so much leeway to make the brand experience more fluid and convenient in ways that a mobile-optimized website cannot.

Trend 4: Digital Assistants – Optimization Made Even Better

As digital assistants become more popular, SEO and digital marketing are moving more towards catering to them. We’ve seen them go from almost totally unknown to 10% of all search queries in just under two years, and we can expect that to continue increasing. Rather than optimizing for crawlers, you need to start thinking about keywords strings in terms of what an actual human is going to ask their phone. “Good coffee Brooklyn” is becoming “Where can I get a coffee in Brooklyn?” and you’re going to need to pivot your keywords accordingly.

Trend 5: The Birthing Stages of Virtual Reality

We’re already seeing the birth of virtual reality (albeit in incremental doses) before our very eyes, thanks to Google cardboard, Oculus Rift, and other tools. While mostly targeted for applications such as video games, it is nonetheless a new and potentially effective channel for brand marketing. This will be a whole new addition to the world of online advertising that is also integrated with video channels, social media platforms, and for now, some forms of messaging. Some think it is just a fad, but with billions of dollars poised to fund it, we’re making it a marketing priority this year.
On your end, it’s a good idea to look at what you currently have in place and see how these marketing trends can be included or changed to make your strategy even better. With the clock ticking, there is no time to waste – only potential revenue to be gained!

If you want to keep reading about digital marketing trends, check out our blog in Six Digital Marketing Strategies to Dominate Online or 7 eCommerce Email Tips to Increase Conversion Rates. If you want to bring on an experienced eCommerce team to help take your storefront to the next level, consider getting in touch with our eCommerce developers and asking for a quote.