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SEO & DIGITAL MARKETING | 23 February 2017

5 Sales-Driven Facebook Ad Tips and Strategies for More Effective Marketing

Facebook ad campaigns help a lot in your business growth and you can gain better visibility among your potential customers. But to make it successful know some key Facebook advertising tips and strategies.

If you are really serious about harnessing the power of social media to drive more revenue, then chances are, you have a few Facebook ads in place. But are using it to its maximum potential? There’s more to Facebook ads than meets the eye – and when you are dead set on improving your numbers, you need these five easy sales-driven strategies.

5 strategies to amplify Facebook Ads

Improve Click-Through Rate With Buyer Personas

Click-through rates on Facebook ads show steady growth year in and year out, but it doesn’t push its boundaries as much as you’d want it to. This is because there is a tendency for ads to be quite generic. When an ad is too generic, it won’t be relevant to a particular group of users. So there is a chance that the whole campaign may flop. What you need is to identify buyer personas and target your ads to address their problems as well as their requirements. A buyer persona is a representation of the ideal customer, with its characteristics padded out from information through real data and market research on existing customers. Once you have your buyer persona, it is easier to create campaigns that are geared towards this specific group alone, achieving higher scores for relevancy.

Make Sure Your Leads are Pre-Qualified

You don’t want curiosity clicks that increase your CTR but do not translate them into sales (they may even end up costing you money). What you want is for your leads to be pre-qualified, and in order to do that you need to a) display the prices of your product/s so as to filter out all the people who don’t have the budget for it (as well as attract those that find the price within their reach), b) openly state your target market in your ad copy, and c) give the shipping information or purchase conditions. This shortlist can already eliminate a good number of curiosity clicks and seek out those who really want your stuff, effectively saving a lot of time and money.

Harness the Power of Incentives for Ad Clicks

This is a major one among the Facebook ads success tips. It is easier to capture user attention if your ad offers incentives just by clicking on it.

Some strategies include:

  • Using urgency: informing the users about the consequences of delaying action (ex. limited time offer or limited stocks, using urgency evoking phrases like ‘hurry’ or ‘last chance’, etc.)
  • Including trigger words: purposefully using certain words over others for better results or connections, ex. “You” is more personal or “new” gives the idea of novelty.
  • Offering irresistible deals: two for ones, get half off the second product – anything that makes users think they are getting a bargain.

Invest in Better Images

Believe it or not, product images really do influence buyer behavior. Attractive images that are styled to capture the taste of your target market will generate more clicks and increase your ROI. On the flip side, poor quality images actually turn off would-be customers from checking out your ad. Some image features will guarantee an increase of CTR, such as:

  • Highlighting the product rather than the company logo – customers care about the product first before checking out your brand.
  • Close up shots of product details – customers prefer inspecting the item as up close as much as possible through their screens.
  • Actual product photos – stock photos do nothing to contribute to the authenticity of your products or your brand itself.
  • Fewer elements on your images – to give your product more focus
  • Designing the ad so viewers will follow the intended line of sight – you want elements of the ad (ex. humans looking at the text, or arrows pointing to key terms) to be the focus, and these little extras will help in that

Implementing the AIDA Model In Order to Improve Your Copy

After perfecting images, you will want to come up with killer copy that compels users to take action. Following the AIDA model is as simple as:

  • Attention – come up with an attention-grabbing headline
  • Interest – dive into the benefits of your product
  • Desire – highlight the reason why users should click (read: incentives like sales or limited time offers)
  • Action – Close everything with a compelling call to action like “Shop Now” or “Learn More”
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Following these five simple and highly doable strategies to revamp your Facebook ads should be done ASAP. The sooner you get to it, the sooner you will enjoy the improved CTRs on Facebook! Next, check out our our rundown of Facebook ads vs Google ads.

Originally written February 23, 2017. Last updated September 11th, 2020


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