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When running a business, you need to take care of plenty of important factors. As you read this article, you’ll learn some of the things that we’ve learned along the way.

Running a business is a professional art. There are multiple factors that management needs to take into account. In my long professional career, I have noticed that companies with a humane and flexible attitude towards the employees enjoy a stronger prospect of growth and expansion.

Though good business is what we’re about, we value the importance of a well-rested and happy team. CodeClouds started up in 2009 with a small team of 4 skilled IT professionals. At that time, we had fewer projects, and the small team was keeping on top of things. However, the number of tasks kept on increasing, and the size of our teams grew immensely. We eventually noticed the atmosphere in the office was losing its enthusiastic nature, as most of the team members were seen constantly busy with their work. With 11 hours at work and another 2-3 hours in transit, our staff were really struggling.

flexible working facts

After pondering a lot over the possible solutions, we realized that the working schedule required some changes for the sake of the team members. Aside from long work days, our members also had travel, rest, and family arrangements to accommodate for. The fact is that the situation was grim, but the management team was very prompt in putting heads together to try to rectify the situation.

We reduced daily shifts by 2 hours and reviewed the way our casual employees took time off. We also reduced weekend shift times and doubled our casual leave policy. We also altered our employee leave policies by making it easier for employees to take longer holidays. The response from the team was overwhelming. Within a matter of weeks, we had noticed a full turn-around in employee productivity and workplace culture.

Within the next couple of months, we received an influx of emails from clients expressing their gratitude for the quality of work and dedication that was provided by our team members. We also bagged quite a few new long-term clients and we accept these as a reward for our planning and careful handling of the situation.

As we grew, we were put in a position where we were able to take good care of our employees and this really put us ahead of the competition. Reducing hours and increasing leave was a good start, but we decided to take it further than that. We also made hours more flexible, opening up different shifts, and paying double for any night shifts; our Indian staff work one week of nights a month, and so effectively earn five weeks’ pay for every four weeks of work.

We started allowing remote work in certain circumstances, and it was also a huge boost to morale and productivity. While most of our staff work in-office, we understand that not everybody can maintain a proper work-life balance that way and give dispensation for remote work in special cases.

Our Indian staff have ten mandatory days off every year, and provide another 18 days at-will, five of which can carry over.

Employee health is critically important to us: we provide health insurance not just for our Indian staff, but for their immediate family as well. We also provide generous sick leave, and have programs in place for reintegrating staff into the workplace after extended periods of illness. When you’re at CodeClouds, you’re part of our family, and we look after our family.

We are proud to offer all members of our company the following benefits.

  • Double pay for night shift team!
  • Extra payout for overtime hours.
  • Flexible shifts.
  • Discounted food and refreshments!
  • Ability to work from home on special request!
  • Healthcare, and annual medical camps.
  • Interest-free loans on special request.
  • Flexible leave policies!

With these work arrangements, everybody wins. Our staff are happier and healthier, so they do better work for us, which means our clients are happier too. If that sounds like something you want to get involved in, then check out our careers page. We have offices in Kolkata, Fort Wayne IN, and Wellington New Zealand. We are looking for developers, designers, content writers, and much more.