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ECOMMERCE | 20 May 2016

Four Compelling Features of Limelight CRM

Information is power—the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve their needs. The best way to achieve this is to invest in software that provides you with all the necessary tools and technology needed to know your customers and give them what they want. Today we’re talking about LimeLight, a CRM suite designed for direct response marketers.

Many entrepreneurs will tell you that—aside from, obviously, having a great product or service—the best way for your business to gain consumer loyalty is to have unparalleled customer service. It’s one thing to attract new customers, but a brand that looks after its people will get something even better: loyal customers.

Features of LimeLight that can help your business

One way to make the task of establishing better ties with your customers is by investing in a CRM (customer relationship management) software. There are a lot of options, but one that is excellently suited for direct response marketers is LimeLight CRM. We’re going to go over four features that make LimeLight the right choice for your direct response needs.

Feature 1: A User-Friendly Interface

The cornerstone of success in customer relationship management is easy access to information that will allow you to provide solutions to your customers’ ever-growing needs. This kind of smooth interaction with customers is achieved through a user-friendly interface that gives you easy access to your customer database. It allows you to see order histories that are arranged in tabs according to status. The system also provides secure record updating, enabling you to apply actions to their orders and attend to inquiries at the same time. Points are given for commands that help you upsell items, too.

Apart from the user-friendly customer database, Limelight CRM also generates a prospect database that allows for following up with customers, salvaging their orders, and adding notes to personal records (as well as have these records exported to your call center gateway should the need arise).

Feature 2: Limelight Provides All the Necessary Tools for a Full-Scale eCommerce Store.

Limelight provides a great suite of tools for setting up and administering campaigns. These campaigns can be one or two pages, provide details for single products or several ones, and can have upselling options. The tools also allow you to customize the pages so they’ll have their very own look and feel. This makes for better flexibility in terms of working with a variety of programs as well as business strategies.

Users will also appreciate the option to incorporate third-party plugins like payment gateways, affiliate tracking systems, autoresponders and more. Should the need for more systems arise, this functionality will ensure that you get to use the software and solutions that you want and have these smoothly integrated with Limelight’s system.

Feature 3: Limelight Provides Robust Reporting and Analytics

Fundamental to any business is data, and LimeLight truly shines in generating detailed reports to suit your every need. You can determine which data goes into the reports, allowing you to focus on particular aspects of your business. You can also have the system generate the bigger picture in case you want to see the overall direction that your business is headed.

Feature 4: Limelight Improves Your Email Strategies With Smarter Auto-Responders.

It is very easy to launch better email campaigns to existing customers and potential ones (and in a separate manner), thanks to the integration of third party auto-responders that process your data. At the campaign level, you can assign auto-responders for particular customers and peg that with its own auto-responder account. Everything is done in real time and the software does follow up of pending orders as well as sending information about particular products that might capture their interest.

If you are still in the market searching for the best online CRM or are looking to replace your current system for one that has more functionality and customization options, it is safe to say that Limelight is a good bet. It has been able to adapt quickly to the ever-changing needs of the online retail scene, allowing its users to provide better results by improving customer relationships and becoming more attuned to the needs of customers.

LimeLight CRM consulting
If you’re unconvinced, check out Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using LimeLight CRM and after that, you may even want to contact us for LimeLight CRM consulting. It’s up to you, in any case, we hope this article has helped you find new ways to grow your eCommerce store or make day-to-day tasks more efficient!

Originally written May 20, 2016. Last updated June 4th, 2021


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