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ECOMMERCE | 12 October 2016

Why Limelight CRM is the Best Platform for Advertisers

Being the fastest growing and most robust CRM, Limelight CRM is created for the advertisers to manage their direct response campaigns in an efficient manner. This article describes the important facets that Limelight CRM can add to your business.

Limelight CRM is the world’s fastest growing and most robust customer relationship management system. Limelight is created for marketers and advertisers to efficiently manage their campaigns. Let’s take a look at the important facets of Limelight CRM.

With Limelights ‘plug-in-go’ functionality, advertisers are able to work with payment gateways of their choice. As the market changes, banks modify their policies. Having the ability to chop-and-change providers freely is a huge benefit for advertisers. Investing in a CRM that locks you into a single gateway is dangerous, that is why Limelight has taken upon the BYO approach. This leads to a dynamic ability for growth and insures your business can stick with Limelight no matter the issue, saving your business in future development work.

Limelight CRM

No business is too small or too large. Limelight provides the graphical and technical options that allow you to monitor and manage your campaigns. Whether you’re a businessman whose campaigns are taking over, or you own a little brick-and-mortar cake shop, Limelight is for you. Limelight can easily handle hundreds of campaigns and convert, merge, and manipulate data for your convenience.

Data security is very important for any business. Limelight provides 100% PCI Compliant services, giving business owners peace of mind. The methods Limelight use for payment integration ensure only encrypted and secured data is sent from the Limelight to your custom payment gateway.

When integrating your store with Limelight, you can expect the most up-to-date and secured payment processing system on the market. When using Limelights API, you can be sure that the required updates have already been made effective.

Being a business owner is very stressful. With Limelight CRM, business owners now have less to worry about with Limelights PCI Certified Level 1 security.

With the ability to integrate third-party providers, businesses can really adapt Limelight to their needs. Whether it be for fulfillment, anti-fraud, tax, data verification and more. Limelight has teamed up with hundreds of companies to develop modules for any business.

Below you will see a full list of categories that Limelight supports for its third-party integration. Each category contains a list of supported third-party service providers.

Limelight CRM

Limelight’s fulfillment option is comprised of 40+ fulfillment providers and 140+ payment gateway providers. This is a testament to Limelights customizability – proof that no business is too large, nor too unique for Limelight CRM.

For a full list of supported integrations, click here.

If you’re currently with another CRM provider, and would like to swap over, then I strongly recommend it! Limelight provides excellent documentation and integration is easy.

hire limelight crm developers

Contact us today for more information regarding this truly wonderful service!

Originally written October 12, 2016. Last updated September 8th, 2020


Written by Jacob Clancy

Jacob has a bachelor's degree in web development, and his interests and experience go beyond just coding.

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