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Limelight CRM is a reliable platform that is built by experienced and knowledgeable marketers who manage campaigns, manage sales transactions, track leads, provide continuity rebilling programs, and much more. In recent years, Limelight CRM has established its presence in the forefront of the Affiliate Marketing industry. It allows merchants to integrate their offers with different Affiliate networks and allows orders recorded by the CRM to be tracked in the Affiliate’s platform as well. In this article, we will discuss how to work with Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate IDs in Limelight CRM in order to achieve proper conversion tracking on the Affiliate’s end.

  • Affiliate ID: A unique number that tells exactly which Publisher/Affiliate generated the click. For example, if I am an Affiliate and my unique number is “111,” then the link I would use to track my traffic and sales would be:
  • Sub-Affiliate ID: An optional value that an Affiliate can append to their tracking link. This allows the Affiliate to view conversions by these values. This is very helpful when tracking conversions for keywords (such as: “fb” or “banner1”). An example will look like this:


How the Affiliate Network Needs to Pass Affiliate IDs for Limelight CRM:

Limelight CRM supports several Affiliate networks and provides a convenient way to pass the Affiliate values to each transaction made. We use only the predefined Affiliate parameter token names as identified by the CRM. Below is the set of parameters that need to be used in order to pass values to the CRM.

Affiliate networks MUST use one of the following three combinations:

Option 1: AFFID={affiliate}&C1={subaffiliate}&C2={subaffiliate}&C3={subaffiliate}
Limelight CRM Integration Limelight CRM developers Limelight CRM Affiliate Marketing

Option 2: AFID={affiliate}&SID={subaffiliate}
Limelight CRM Integration Limelight CRM developers Limelight CRM Affiliate Marketing

Option 3: AID={affiliate}&OPT={subaffiliate}
Limelight CRM Integration Limelight CRM developers Limelight CRM Affiliate Marketing

In addition to these predefined parameters, the CRM supports an extra parameter, known as “click_id.” It can be appended to the traffic URL. The click_id can be used by Affiliate tracking systems to identify unique sales/requests. While using the Post Back URL feature of Limelight CRM, there is a need to pass this field to the Affiliate tracking system. Then we need to make sure to append this field to the landing page URL included with the Affiliate and sub-Affiliate data. An example will look like:

What to do When an Affiliate Network DOES NOT Use the Above Option:

When the Affiliate’s network sends traffic to the merchant’s offer with different Affiliate parameters, then we need to capture the proper variable from the URL and pass that corresponding value to the CRM. For example:

  • If the Affiliate network sends traffic to
  • We need to:
    • Verify with the Affiliate network and identify which parameters the Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate values are populating;
    • Capture the Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate values from the URL parameter and send those to the CRM following any one of the three options listed above.


To Demonstrate a Short PHP Code:

First you need to store the values in PHP session variables and keep those alive until the last confirmation page.


Then pass the value to Limelight CRM via API under the predefined: “AFID” and “SID” parameters (as shown below in PHP cURL).

$fields = array('method' => 'NewOrderWithProspect',
'AFID' => trim($_SESSION['AFID'] ),
'SID' => trim($_SESSION['SID'])
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, '');
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, http_build_query($fields));

Supported Affiliate Networks:

According to Limelight CRM’s documentation, they are currently setup to support LinkTrust, HasOffers, Cake Marketing & Direct Track’s data field names.

In Conclusion:

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