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Payment Module for Payleap

This module integrates the Payleap Payment Gateway with Magento 1, allowing direct payments without forcing the user to go to the Payleap website. Users may still redirected to their bank’s web page if the merchant enables 3D Secure checks—this is an optional extra layer of security you can add or remove from your Payleap control panel.


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Note: This extension supports PAYMENT transactions only. It does not support transactions such as Cancel, Refund, Abort, Void, Release, etc.

The extension is absolutely free and if you need installation support, CodeClouds have affordable Magento developers who can help you get it set up.

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Software requirements:

Magento version 1.4.x or 1.7.x

Update July 2018:

If you’re curious about what’s happening with this plugin and why it doesn’t run on Magento 2, between 2015 and 2018 we were extremely busy with a huge influx of new projects and unfortunately didn’t have time to work on this free extension. We’ve since returned to it, and decided to work on it further and relaunch it as Unify. Unify supports multiple payment gateways, not just Payleap, as well as popular eCommerce CRMs like LimeLight and Konnektive. Currently, we only have a WordPress version of Unify available, however, we are hard at work developing a Magento 2 version, which we plan to release by Q4 2019.

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