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An advertiser focused convention for performance marketing, ADSUM brings together the best vendors and advertisers. Come join CodeClouds in beautiful Aspen, Colorado for the ADSUM conference this December.

CodeClouds will be sponsoring this year’s ADSUM conference in Aspen, Colorado.


ADSUM is an advertiser focused convention for performance marketing, bringing together the top advertisers and vendors. Founded by Nate Lind, advertisers take center stage, not just the affiliates. Nate believes advertisers hold the power, and it’s time to take back the industry.

The ADSUM conference is an event for advertisers by advertisers. Meet with the ‘A’ players to discuss solutions to the most pressing problems facing the industry today. Hear from a large variety of guest speakers and network with the top people in the advertising industry. Not getting enough from conventions like LeadsCon? ADSUM is for you.

Events will take place in both the beautiful Hotel Jerome as well as the St. Regis Aspen Resort. Enjoy the best accommodations as well as plenty of recreational opportunities in the area from culinary attractions to skiing and snowmobiling. Hear from a wide range of speakers including Re Perez, Jake Larson, and William Rothbar.

Learn more about the ADSUM conference from their official website here

Brian Hill, Kinkar Saha, and Rex Carroll will be attending on behalf of CodeClouds

Brian HillAs President of CodeClouds, Brian oversees the US operations, and collaborates with the India and New Zealand offices. He has over 20 years of experience in web design and development and uses his knowledge to build strong relationships and lead a talented team of developers, designers and project managers. Before merging with CodeClouds, Brian was the founder and CEO of Long Tail Technology, a successful web development company.

Kinkar SahaKinkar has 9 years of experience in the software outsourcing  industry, and oversees all of the technical leadership at CodeClouds as its Co-Founder. He started by getting his Bachelor’s in Commerce, and from there worked his way up while getting a wide range of experience. From electronics to being a top business  consultant, and eventually being Co-Founder and Director of CodeClouds, which he has grown to a top Web Development company with over 220 employees. Kinkar has an incredible work ethic, managing employees from three different locations and time zones, and without it, CodeClouds would not see the success it currently enjoys.

Rex CarrollRex is director of Sales and Business Development at CodeClouds. He works to expand the global reach of CodeClouds, and gets clients acquainted with our exceptional services. Rex has previous experience as a business owner and entrepreneur which allows him to relate to the needs of potential and current clients.

Reach out to CodeClouds now to schedule a meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!