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Mobile has become the favorite tool now for reading news, socializing, communicating, shopping, navigating and just about everything you can think of! Mobile App Marketing has been very powerful for getting more customers as it’s the easiest place for marketers to capture new clients.

You’ve done your research and you know that the next step in bringing your website or brand to greater heights is by creating an app and getting your loyal customers and clients to use it. While app creation can be a long and tedious process, getting people to download your app can be quite challenging as well. You’d need to get the most convincing words across, which will necessitate a plan that is hatched well before the app itself is launched. Here’s how you will do Mobile App Marketing.

Mobile App Marketing

1. Mentioning the App’s existence

Mentioning its coming out soon when you are three to four months away from completion is well worth the time. Announcing the app to your customers should be done before it is finished, but not too early so that they don’t forget about it or anticipation for it starts to die down. To be safe, mention that it’s in the works when you are more than halfway done with it. At this point, don’t give all the details about it because you are not sure if your final testing stage can accommodate all the good stuff you mentioned. Just let them know that it’s coming, and more details will be released soon.

2. Get a Review from your Trusted Partners

Have your Trusted Partners get on board with your Mobile App and ask them for a review. When everything is good to go, quietly release the app to your trusted co-collaborators and web partners so they can test it and tell you what they think. Apart from knowing about the real user experience, this is a good way to ask them if they can also do announcement/review/feature posts about it around one week after you release it to the public. For those who are too busy to tinker with it, they can initially read the reviews of your co-collaborators and web partners so they can be bolstered into downloading it, too.

3.Explain the Multiple Uses of the App

Explain it using as many ways as possible. You already know the good points about your app, so now it is time to translate that information in different ways. This is to accommodate different clients who may prefer knowing about things in a particular way. This includes writing a standard blog post about it, creating a video demonstration, drafting up visuals and infographic, and the likes. As long as these promotional materials are readily available, customers can choose the ones that appeal to them the most and learn about your app in different ways.

4. Don’t forget the Promos!

There are several ways of getting the ball rolling, download-wise, and a good number of them ought to include prizes. Send out promotional codes, do a limited time freebie download of some products and/or raffle off some brand marketing products to those who download the app early on.

5. Link back and repost

After you’ve done your initial app marketing with social media, your next task is to monitor how the word is getting out about the new app. If there are glitches or some things that require assistance, get to it pronto before it becomes an actual problem. Repost mentions, link back to blogs or sites that do a review, and generally let others know that those who are already using the app are having a grand time out of it. If people think they are missing out, they are more inclined to join in the fun!

These five tips will really do a lot to help convince your customers that the Mobile App Version of your website is the way to go!