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Pokemon Go has become very compatible on android devices. Now with this easy ‘hack’, you can easily relocate your GPS on your device to trick Pokemon Go and make others believe you are elsewhere. How to do it? Check out some of the basic steps below.

Ran out of PokeBalls, but can’t leave your WiFi connection? No more Pokemon are showing up near you? You can now easily relocate your device’s GPS to trick Pokemon Go into believing you are elsewhere. Below are the basic steps and further down is an in-depth Pokemon Go guide for Android devices.

pokemon go guide for android

Basic Steps for Any Device:

Step 1: Root or Jailbreak Your Device- Doing this will allow you to relocate the GPS in Pokemon Go. For Android devices you will need root the device, while iOS devices will need to be jailbroken.

Step 2: Hide Your Root/Jailbreak from Pokemon Go – If you do not hide your Root or Jailbroken device, Pokemon Go will notice and won’t function correctly. This is in place to prevent cheating.

Step 3: Download a GPS Relocating App – This is needed to fake the GPS location in Pokemon Go.

Step 4: Hide Mock Locations from Pokemon Go- If you do not hide mock locations from the Pokemon Go application, no Pokemon/Gyms/PokeStops will show up on the map. The developers added this functionality, again, to prevent cheating.

Step 5: Catch Pokemon Anywhere – Leave your phone’s GPS enabled along with the GPS relocating application. Use this tutorial with caution; if Pokemon Go notices the GPS relocation it may lead to your account being banned, suspended, or terminated.

In-Depth Pokemon Go Guide for Android Devices

Step 1: Root Android Device – An easy way to Root your device in one step is to install KingoROOT. After installation, Rooting the device is only one click away.

Step 2: Hide Your Root – To hide your Root from Pokemon Go you can download Hide Rooting Lite from the Google Play Store. This application also makes it easy to hide the Root with only one click.

Step 3: Download a GPS Relocating App- There are a few applications that work to fake your location in Pokemon Go for Android devices. Mock Locations and Fake GPS seem to work the best. Both can be downloaded from the Google Play store for free. Mock Locations has the most versatility of relocating the GPS, but after a few days of use you are forced to upgrade to the Pro version for $3.02. Within the Mock Locations application you can set the GPS to move a certain path at a certain speed. This enables you to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without having to walk five kilometers. Fake GPS does not have this functionality, but it is free to use and still has not forced the user to upgrade to the Pro version.

Step 4: Activate “Allow Mock Locations” – To relocate the GPS you need to go into the Developer options on your device.  If you can not find the Developers options, go to Settings -> More -> About Device. Next, find the Build number and tap it repeatedly until the Developer options are activated. Now you can turn on “Allow Mock Locations”.

Step 5: Hide Mock Locations from Pokemon Go- This is the key step for GPS relocating to work in Pokemon Go. You can download Hide Mock Location from the Google Play Store for free. When installed this application lets you choose which applications you want to hide Mock Locations from.

Step 6: Download Xposed Framework- After installing Hide Mock Locations in step 5 you will notice that you need to download the Xposed Framework for the application to work. The Xposed Framework gives the applications access to the Root that was installed in step 1. After installing the Xposed Framework you will need to go into the Modules and activate the Hide Mock Location app.

Step 7: Catch Pokemon Anywhere- The Android device may need to restart for all of the changes to take place. After restarting you can set your GPS relocating app to where you want and begin to catch Pokemon anywhere.