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If you’re still hemming and hawing about making a mobile app for your brand, the best thing to do is to think long and hard about what it is that you want and can achieve with it. When you want to bring your brand closer to your clients as well as have it scale heights higher than you’ve achieved before, then it’s time to contact a developer and put your plans into effect.

By now, you probably have noticed that more and more brands are building apps of their own. These aren’t just limited to the big names – even those that have a modest but upwardly developing following are also making apps. This spells great news for startups, but is it automatic that you build an app right away? How do you know if the time is ripe for making one? What tells you that your investment in building an app will be followed by returns in the near or slightly far off future? Here are some indicators that it’s high time to get in touch with a developer to start planning for brand app fundamentals for your brand’s very own app.

brand app fundamentals

1. You would like your brand to be visible to your clients and followers all the time.

You’ve enjoyed having a strong following of your brand through hits and high levels of engagement on your website. Now, you are looking into doing better by having your brand become accessible to your clients with a single swipe to unlock their mobile phone and a quick tap to access your brand.

2. You want to create a channel for direct marketing.

Apps are useful in providing general information, forms, prices, and catalogs, messengers, account information, news feeds, and more. With this comes the potential of providing your customers with all the marketing campaigns accessible with a single tap. You want your clients to know about your latest promotions with push notifications, and not wait for them to scroll through your web page and come across it.

3. You are interested in providing your clients with more value now or in the near future.

As an app is useful for doling out on-hand information, you also feel that it’s time to have a platform where loyalty programs or special offers are centralized in your very own nook of the mobile app world. Think about partner tie-ups with brick and mortar stores, where all your clients need to do is to flash their digital coupon through the app to enjoy cool discounts or neat promotions. Think about a digital purse where your clients can collect loyalty points with every purchase that they can, later on, use to redeem prizes.

4. You want yet another way to create bigger and better brand awareness.

Nobody successful on the Internet just rests on his or her laurels after hitting that million-follower mark. Instead, they work twice as hard to stay on top and to maintain the high level of awareness that they currently enjoy with their brand. Having an app is the next logical step to take once your website, social media accounts and what not are all in place and are pretty much dominating the industry you belong to.

5. You want a venue for better and more direct customer engagement.

When you build a brand, you know it’s more about your followers than it is about yourself. When you want to have a channel in which you can have better interaction and engagement with your customers, you know it’s high time that you start building an app. This will come in the form of a messaging feature vis-à-vis other personal information that they would like to easily pull up from their own account in relation to their concerns. This can also be in the form of a help desk that your customers can access, too.

All in all, you know it’s high time to know the musts of brand marketing strategy and start building an app when you feel that you really want to stand out from your competition and show that you set on looking for ways to become a more caring brand that knows how to look after its customers!