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Designing a website depends primarily on two functions: 1) the creative side, and 2) the business perspective. It’s very difficult to keep the thought process aligned to create a website that looks beautiful and delivers functionality. If it’s time to redesign your website, please utilize the following website revamp checklist guide

Could your website use a facelift? Instead of simply changing up the background or switching to a nicer font, consider investing in a full-blown website revamp. After all, you owe it to your loyal site visitors to enjoy a whole new experience. Here is a short checklist of the things you need to consider:

website revamp checklist

Reinforce your brand identity

You’ve built a website for a reason, and you know what you are doing. However, it is good to take a step back every so often to see if updates are in order. Maybe there are things that no longer apply and should be removed or maybe there is a new direction you want to take and you need to steer the whole site towards it. Reinforcing your brand requires affirming what is still relevant as well as identifying what needs work. Say you run a website on healthy eating and fitness. How do you personalize it? How do you make it stand out? What is your “niche above the niches” in your industry? All these come into play as you reinforce, redefine and improve upon your brand identity.

  1. Improve the visitor experience
    Revamping your website means making it easier for your visitors to go around and back again. Make your website clutter-free with tabs of your most popular posts that visitors can access if they want to see a series of related posts. Keep the first page and list of current blog posts to a maximum of five to avoid lengthy scrolling actions; instead, have visitors click ‘next’ or ‘back’ to move along the posts. Have your tags in place for each post, and include a search button.
  2. Change your color palette and visuals
    Changing your color palette will give your website a fresh look just like adding a fresh coat of paint to a bedroom can make it look brand new. Choose two or three dominant colors and one or two accents (e.g., pink and gray as dominant colors with black and gold as accents).
  3. Add some extra features
    Apart from your usual posts, add more depth to your website with video posts, plug-ins, and other interactive extras. These keep things interesting so visitors want to stay longer. When this happens, it is all worth the time you spent producing these extra features. You can even include a forum so your visitors can come together and become a community rooted in what your website represents.
  4. Include helpful services
    If your website is bigger and better, then naturally you will gain an equally bigger and better audience and following. This becomes greatly enhanced when you have a post subscription service in place. Encourage your visitors to sign up and subscribe to your latest email posts so they never miss your announcements. You can even have them become members with access to exclusive resources. Create a free introductory membership and eventually start introducing paid access to bigger and better resources/content.

Use this simple website revamp checklist to give your brand that much-needed boost this year and beyond!