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ECOMMERCE | 22 December 2011

Why You Should Choose LimeLight CRM for Your Direct Response Campaigns!

Limelight CRM is a unique customer relationship management platform that is designed specifically for the direct response market. It provides many features, including payment processing, reporting and analytics, a transaction API, fraud detection, and more.

hire limelight crm developer

At CodeClouds, LimeLight CRM integration is one of our specialties; we have hundreds of experienced developers to help you integrate LimeLight CRM with your WooCommerce (WordPress) storefront, Magento, Shopify, or any other kind of platform. Each business has its own unique requirements and we go above and beyond to serve them.

CodeClouds has expertise with many CRMs in addition to LimeLight, including Konnektive CRM, Response CRM, and more, but we have found over the years that LimeLight CRM is probably the best solution for most of our clients, and by far the most popular.

A stable and well-managed campaign is very important for business owners, especially those with direct response marketing campaigns. If your business ever suffers downtime, CodeClouds has developers available round the clock, 18 hours a day, five days a week from our 4 global locations in the US, New Zealand, India, and Australia. With more than 250 experts in-house, you can rest easy knowing your task is going to a specialist.

We are the number one place to go to for LimeLight CRM consulting, and our service is backed up with years of industry experience. If you are in need of a top tier LimeLight CRM integration service, hire the CodeClouds team to take care of your needs!

LimeLight CRM consulting

Why CodeClouds?

CodeClouds can develop landing pages integrated with LimeLight CRM based on the latest technology and features, helping you streamline the management process of direct response campaigns and ensure the highest ROI possible for your campaign.

Our team can provide you with customized solutions that are unique to your needs and can propel your business to the next level. Some of our strengths include:

  • We have experienced Limelight CRM developers!
  • We have experts for multiple CRM’s (Limelight CRM, Konnektive CRM, Response CRM, and many more)
  • We provide 18/5 emergency support!
  • Our team is more than 250 strong!
  • We have 4 global locations: the USA, New Zealand, India, and Australia
  • Our team is familiar with the PCI compliance process, and will help you stay compliant.
  • Dedicated developers are available to work solely on your project—you will work with the same developer every day.
hire limelight crm developer

LimeLight CRM is the best CRM available that’s specially designed for direct response marketers. CodeClouds’ team of Limelight programmers will help you keep your offers up and running, optimizing them for to work the hardest for you. If you are looking for top-notch LimeLight CRM developers, we are here to deliver just what you need.

Originally written December 22, 2011. Last updated June 4th, 2021


Written by Kinkar Saha

Kinkar Saha founded CodeClouds in 2009. Starting out with 4 members, it eventually grew to hundreds of employees in multiple locations across the globe.

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