How Triangle CRM Helps Clients Build Higher Converting Campaigns

Managing your campaigns was never so easy before you had the entire API suite of Triangle CRM. With its various features, you can enjoy smooth control over your campaigns as well as your invaluable prospects.

When you want to have a better grasp of your campaigns, one tool that can help is Triangle CRM. Triangle CRM API libraries and our integration will give you a full suite of tools that allows you to have more management control over the different facets of your website, enabling you to accomplish more, understand your clients deeply, and apply solutions that are more targeted.

Below are the ways how our Triangle CRM integration makes life easier for website owners:

-Triangle CRM helps you manage your customers as well as automate processes more effectively. Its Order Management Automation feature provides you with all the necessary tools such as setting customer billing in autopilot mode (along with customizable subscription settings). You can automate shipments following successful billings as well as automate the process of returns for reduced chargebacks and fewer errors, saving you time and money in the process.

-The in-depth analytics of this CRM actually provide you with full visibility of everything about your campaign. You can easily evaluate all traffic sources with a user-friendly report. This CRM allows you to reroute the traffic to the source where you earn the most. You can even decrease traffic when it is considered as underperforming.

-With Triangle CRM and our integration, you can create better campaigns. The tools for monitoring conversion rates, revenues, chargeback levels, and ROI of affiliates are pre-built in the system. With Triangle CRM, marketers are able to create the personalized affiliate tracking links easily which enables them to separate each of the affiliate’s data into segments for better reporting.

-You can automate your customer service processes without losing the personal touch, thanks to transactional emails. Sending order confirmations, shipping confirmations and everything in between are done with elegance and efficiency. You get to enjoy the benefit of using WYSIWYG editors, with options for HTML for sending attractive and personalized emails to all your clients.

-Triangle CRM also includes warehouse and fulfilment integrations. With Triangle Fulfillment, you have turnkey solutions right within the United States and Europe. It comes with a CRM dashboard widget that gives you real-time statistics in shipping and you can check the orders that were shipped, processed or returned – all at a glance.

-Your inbound customer service team has unlimited and unique logins for managing customer accounts. Triangle CRM integration allows you to create customized order forms for inbound sales calls, thanks to the handy Order Form Builder. If you want to run a campaign for outbound dialing, you have the flexibility of posting leads to a number of call centers so that it can be split tested. This way you get to know which of your call centers are giving you the best marks in customer retention as well as ROI.

-The customer lifecycle is best managed with the customer service ticketing system. You can track customer requests and assign or prioritize them without any need for third party software. Your customer service agents are able to create accounts for new customers as well as perform changes to rebilling and subscription, among other functionalities.

-It has integration with the best payment gateways. With this, you get to process credit cards with whatever solution you want. It only takes minutes to set up merchant accounts, so processing of orders can be done immediately.

-The affiliate network portal is easy to configure and can track your affiliates with efficiency. Your affiliates can login to view their real-time sales as well as access any extended campaigns running in real-time, complete with the corresponding metrics for monitoring credit card declines, conversion rates, and more.

Overall, Triangle CRM comes with a large number of tools for campaign management that can be very profitable. In addition to that, you can hire our Triangle CRM developers if you are new to the industry. We can help and consult with you on many processes including the development of better funnels, set up of your affiliates and third party software, and more. We have a team of experienced developers who will provide you with the timely responsiveness, round the clock service and 22/5 technical support from three geolocations (India, NZ, and the USA). With our Triangle CRM integration, the life of a merchant becomes easier than ever before.