Essential Extensions for Magento Developers

Every client has different needs for their storefront, and vanilla Magento often does not cater to these needs. Every Magento developer needs a good library of extensions to meet these needs. In this article, we’ll check out some good extensions to start with.

Essential Extensions for Magento Developers

When creating a Magento storefront, you cannot use the vanilla Magento install and hope to have a truly effective storefront. Every Magento developer should have a grasp of what kind of extensions are out there, and have some favorites to recommend for clients. In this article, we’ll cover the best Magento extensions that fill the functionality holes in the basic Magento install for each category.

Shipment Management

Shipment can be complicated. Different item sizes need shipped to different locations, even different countries using different couriers and requires sellers to account for variables like import taxes. The built in Magento shipment manager simply cannot handle everything, so Magento developers must find a good extension to solve this.

Amasty Shipping Rules Extension


First, let’s take a look at the suite of extensions that Amasty offers for shipping. Amasty is a Magento development company that offers a wide range of proven extensions. These are more on the expensive end, and there’s a separate paid extension for each major function of improving shipment processing. There’s extensions to do things like add custom shipping rules based on the type of order, restrict shipping methods based on product or customer attributes, auto-shipping, per product flat rates, and so on.

It may be costly, but for large storefronts it’s definitely worth the price. There are community and enterprise editions at different costs, and all of them offer paid support. All of the extensions are compatible with Magento community edition 1.4.x-1.9.x and enterprise edition 1.8.x-1.14.x.

MatrixRate Shipping Extension


If you’re looking for free plugins, MatrixRate by WebShopApps will add the functionality of offering multiple shipping options to customers based on their location and the size and weight of what they ordered. While it’s a free extension, they do offer paid support if you run into any problems. There’s a version for both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Magento developers are often asked to setup a storefront for dropshipping. The most robust option for dropshipping is uDropShip by Unirgy. It is a very expensive plugin, but it handles everything, even tracking shipments by the individual company or vendors, all in one robust dashboard.

If you need a cheaper option for dropshipping,  Multiple Vendors Drop Shipping by Extension Hut will allow your client to sell products through different vendors. Each vendor gets their own account, where they can add products and manage their own individual shipping methods from there. 

Search, SEO, and Performance

Elasticsearch by Wyomind provides more relevant search results with better performance for your client’s storefront. Featuring a fast autocomplete, fast indexing, and configuration options it’s a great option for improving the search functionality of Magento.

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension by Mageplaza handles adding Google script-tags to all of the content and adds support for things like Remarketing. Simply install the plugin and add your Google Tag ID, and you’re ready to go.

Amasty Full Page Cache Extension

Every professional Magento developer wants to make their client’s site noticeably faster. Full Page Cache by Amasty provides improved speeds over the default Magento caching by doing more to pre-generate pages that customers will load instead of building the page on first load for all individual visitors. Not only does it provide a dramatic improvement in general loading speed which greatly improves the SEO, it also allows your client’s storefront to handle more simultaneous users by caching the most popular pages during slower times using the most common combinations of parameters. This powerful extension is available for community edition 1.4.x-1.9.x and enterprise edition 1.8.x-1.14.x.


Amasty Special Promotions Pro Extension


Starting with another Amasty extension, Special Promotions Pro allows your client to create effective discounts and deals, then cater those promotions to users based on their attributes including their name, date of birth, order history, and more. This extension allows clients to make an effective sales pitch to new and existing customers and target certain demographics. 

Gift Cards Extension


Gift Cards for Magento by Webtex adds the important functionality of gift cards to your client’s storefront. It allows satisfied customers to introduce new customers to your client’s store, who are very likely to order from them as funds must be used there. If it remains unused like a large portion of gift cards, they’ve just sold a ‘product’ with nearly 100% margin. It offers the choice of email, printable, or mail order gift cards.

If your client needs their store to support affiliate marketing, Affiliate by Mageplaza is a simple plugin that allows them get to started immediately. Offering different tiers based on your client’s needs, this extension will allow you to grow your client’s sales through the effective tactic of affiliate marketing. 

Payment and Checkout

Checkout suite Extension


Check out Suite for Magento 2 by IWD reduces the number of steps a customer has to go through to complete their order, drastically increasing the conversion rate. For payment processing methods, it supports, PayPal, Apple Pay,, and Braintree. It also has unique extras like offering in-store pickup.


There’s a lot of good Magento extensions out there, and they fill important holes in the basic functionality of Magento. We outlined what we believe to be the best ones, and whether you use one of these or something different, it is important to tailor your client’s Magento storefront to their needs with the proper extensions and do everything you can to improve performance in order to be competitive. Knowing the best solutions to fulfill the specific functions of a client’s storefront is a great way to help establish yourself as a valuable Magento developer.

The 10 Best Free Themes for Magento Developers

Sometimes clients want Magento Developers to cut as many corners as possible, and when they request that you use a free theme, it may be hard to come back with good looking options. We give a rundown of the best free Magento themes for the projects with a thin budget.

Do you need a good, professional theme but don’t have the budget to pay for one? There are plenty of free options that Magento developers can utilize to provide a great looking storefront to clients on a budget.

Best Free Themes for Magento Developers

In this list, we round up what we believe are the best options out there for free themes. All of the listed themes were made by a professional Magento development company, not an aspiring amature Magento developer. While some of these are not ‘perfect’ out of the box, they are well developed and provide an excellent foundation, and with a little tweaking to fix some minor problems or bring them up to date, all of them are capable options for making an excellent storefront that your clients will be satisfied with.

F2 by WT

F2 is a fashion-oriented Magento 2 theme mainly geared towards clothing retailers. It has a unique layout for the product page and is good looking and fully responsive. It’s almost hard to believe this one is free!






Ebajes by HaloThemes

If you’re thinking this theme looks a lot like eBay, that’s the intention. Love it or hate it, eBay is a popular site that a lot of people shop on, and providing people with a similar look will make a large portion of users familiar and comfortable with a storefront the first time they visit it.

It’s not the most modern look, but it puts function over form, and for some clients, that’s what matters.

Ebajes is technically responsive but in a very poorly executed way. This theme is compatible with Magento 1.7.x-1.9.x.




Ketty by WT

A very simple but nice looking theme with bright colors and large tiles, it’s fully responsive and for Magento 2.

The front page comes with a slider and title banners. It also features an Ajax cart- allowing customers to add items to their cart without reloading the page.




Vas Bakerop by VenusTheme

This responsive theme is designed to trigger your sweet tooth. Warm and appetizing, this is the perfect theme for some food-based storefronts. All of the pictures of the tasty treats in the demo are of course included with the rest of the sample data in the download. For Magento 1.9.x.

vas bakerop1


vas bakerop2


FreeGo by Solwin Infotech 

FreeGO is a free fully responsive Magento 2 theme made by Solwin Infotech. It features a touch compatible slider, is child-theme ready, and is made with all major browsers in mind. Though it primarily features tech in the sample data, it still can be used effectively with other types of products.




Bizkick by HiddenTechies

Featuring ‘clean and classy’ layouts, it’s made to look good with any type of merchandise. It has a huge slider on the homepage which is touch compatible. This Magento 2 theme is responsive and made to work on all major browsers, minimizing the work a Magento developer needs to put into making this perfect to launch.





Ves Need by Venus Theme

With a responsive design and a product carousel, it’s a solid theme for stores that sell fashion products. This theme is compatible with Magento 2, and is the perfect choice for clients that ask their Magento developers for a minimal design with and emphasis on the product images.

vas need1


vas need2


ClothesStore by ZEMEZ

If it’s not made apparent by its name, this theme is made for selling clothing and cosmetic accessories. Featuring a clean white layout, a parallax effect on the front page, and a fully responsive design it’s a great choice for anyone wanting to make professional looking storefront. Just don’t plan on using any of the included stock images. This theme is compatible with Magento 1.9.x.





Necessary by EMThemes

A Magento 2.x theme with a traditional yet functional layout, it combines the desktop usability of traditional e-commerce sites with a cleaner modern look. Despite the traditional layout, it is fully responsive and is much more effectively so than Ebajes.

What sets this theme apart is the older style of the newer platform. For clients that want an updated version of the more traditional shopping layout, this is a perfect choice.





Kasitoo by VenusTheme

This free Magento 2 theme is high customizable, and even includes the PSDs making it easier to make design changes yourself. It’s fully responsive, but appears to not work perfectly out of the box on some larger screens, possibly requiring some love from a Magento developer.

With some small CSS changes on your end, it would make the perfect theme for the right client, and the included PSDs are a nice time-saving bonus.





In conclusion, there are several good options for free Magento themes that Magento developers can take advantage of, but not all of them are ready to go out of the box. However, with some minor changes, they can all make for great storefronts.